Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Results Day Sixteen-Channeling my inner Jillian

I'm finding it hard to believe it has already been 16 days since I started Win, Lose or Blog.  It has been a great experience for me so far.

One of the questions we were asked in the application process was, "Why is this time going to be different?" It was a hard question to answer, because when you try to lose weight over and over again you start to doubt yourself, your self confidence (at least in the weight loss area) takes a huge hit every time you fail: "Why can't I do this? What is wrong with me?"

So why is this time going to be different?

First, I have an accountability that I've never had before. Every day I'm expected to report on how I ate and exercised.

Second, I'm focusing more on meeting an athletic goal than on how many calories I'm burning. Seriously, this is making such a huge difference for me! I've always admired runners, I love seeing them cross the finish line, I'm impressed by their drive to keep going and accomplish a goal. THIS time, I'm working on a 5K distance, with the goal of jog/walking one in 45 minutes.  When I'm on the treadmill, I'm watching my time, I'm checking out my pace, I'm trying to step it up and finish a little faster each time.  Before Win, Lose or Blog when I was on a treadmill I'd be constantly checking out "how much time do I have left? Have I burned enough calories yet?" And that made my exercise miserable! I'm finding it amazing that I don't even notice the time left, I'm not worried about the calories. That feels great!

I'm going to visit my family in Utah in August and I'm trying to find a 5K I can run while I'm there. It would be wonderful to finish it in a time FASTER than 45 minutes.  I'm thinking of moving my goal to 38 minutes. Kind of a random number, but it sounds good doesn't it?

Third, I'm pushing myself.  I absolutely LOVE the show "Losing it with Jillian," and how hard the people on the show are pushed by Jillian.  She tests them to show them how capable they are of doing hard things.  When I'm on the treadmill and the time comes to jog, I think about what Jillian would say to ME and I push myself to run longer and faster each interval.

So why is this time different for you?

1331 Calories

Treadmill: 55 minutes (476 calories, 3.23 miles, 3.52 mph, 17:00 pace, 120 Heart rate)
Weights: 15 minutes arms (dumbbells, kettle balls)


  1. I like how your mind things. For me, the accountability is such a big thing.

    I looked for your email but cannot find it on your profile. Can you drop me a line at

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    I am glad to hear that Win, Lose or Blog is working for you. Accountability is a huge factor in success for many people. I am also encouraged to see that your focus shifted to an athletic goal. You will be amazed at how once you meet an initial goal, you will be motivated to set new goals for yourself and continue to surpass them. Great job!


  3. Your inner Jillian, I love it! I need to fine mine. :)

  4. Stephanie- shifting your goal from calories burned to an athletic goal is awesome! Im certain it will continue to change your attitude about exercise and stem from there! Keep up the good work!

  5. Do you find that when you listen to your inner Jillian, there are a lot of beeps amongst all the yelling? You're doing awesome Steph!

  6. Ha! Julie, my inner Jillian doesn't swear like a sailor, so no beeps. ;)

    Thanks everyone!

  7. I like your attitude and that is half the battle!!!

    Hope you find a place to do the 5K in Utah!

    Take care


  8. You are doing so amazing! The way you approach this is so healthy & inspiring. I've got 2 sisters who are runners & I've been awed by them for YEARS! Doing a 10K last fall (at still over 200 lbs) was quite the wake up call. I have definitely been focusing MORE on the athletic/fit side over the skinny/"hot" side of this & it really DOES make a difference!
    Be sure to update if you find a 5K in UT to do! I'm rooting for you!