Friday, July 16, 2010

Didja miss me?

My husband noticed I didn't post yesterday...I was getting ready to post when my daughter woke up screaming.

Guess who was at the gym today?  Yep....backpack boy! Besides some crazy awesome moves, he also did a lot of very noisy grunting.  I thought of what his exercising reminded me of today. Phoebe running on "Friends."   Seriously people. He is crazy, and crazy funny. I have to try really hard not to laugh while watching him. When I run I know I'm not super graceful or anything, but this guy is quite a sight to see. I have to give him props because he works really hard, but I wish I had a super spy camera so you all could see his awesomeness.

Today I did cross training again and tried the bike. Not a fan! It hurt my butt, and my pants kept riding up. I didn't last the 15 minutes I was shooting for. Maybe I'll try the recumbent bike next time?

Eating: 1900 calories
Exercise: 55 minutes on treadmill (494 calories, 3.32 miles, 3.62 mph, 16:33, 127 hr)

Eating: 1780 calories
Exercise: 43:02 (367, 2.56 miles, 3.57 mph, 16:48, 128 hr) Bike- 8 minutes, 2+ miles, 50 calories

This weekend we are going camping, I'll be doing some hiking which will be fun and different from the usual! I'll send in my Friday weight again and check in with you on Monday. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Im with Mindy!

    Keep the gym stories coming!

    Hope the weekend was fun :)


  2. haha I forgot how fun people watching at the gym was LOL! Your stories are cracking me up....I used to do spin and I got those (super sexy) padded bike shorts to wear under my yoga pants or my buns would hurt big time! Great job on everything-you are doign wonderfully!

  3. I'm always reminded of that same episode of Friends whenever I run full out at top speed. It always makes me smile a super goofy grin & I'm so glad you shared this story!
    You are doing so awesome, you're inspiring me to keep after my goals!