Thursday, July 22, 2010

5, 2122

Remember my goal of walk/jogging a 5K in 45 minutes? Today I really, really, really, REALLY thought I was going to do it. I was so close, and at 43 minutes was just on the brink of 3.1 miles. at 44:30 I was at 3 miles and realized I was in trouble.  I sped the treadmill up to 6.4 mph and booked it. I ran as fast as my feet could take me and I hit 3.1 miles at 45:05.  Five seconds away! I was super excited to get so close. I think I have a bit of a runners high. How cool is that??

Also, do you remember how I decided to up my calories? I've had a hard time reaching 2400 calories. It just felt like too much.  When I came home from the gym today, my Shape magazine had arrived and on the cover it said, "How many calories do you really need?" Of course I flipped right to the article and here is a synopsis of what it said:

1. Multiply your goal weight by 100. For me, 144 pounds x 100=1440 calories. (I remember one of you mentioned this in a comment, see how smart you are!)
2. If you have an active job, or are on your feet a lot add another 3 calories per pound of your ideal body weight. I think being a mom means I stay pretty active. No desk job here. :) +432 calories
3. On the days you work out, add half the calories you burn to your allotted intake. I usually burn around 500 calories on the treadmill +250 calories

So my total recommended intake is 2122 ish.

That being said, I'm wayyyyy low today. I just didn't feel hungry very much and I'm at 1515 calories right now.  I've got to do better at this, and snack on good things during the day. I'm going to try and be more like Mindy and plan out my snacks and meals in the morning.  Will you help me? What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Here are my results for the day.
1515 calories
Treadmill-60 minutes (573 calories, 3.83 miles, 15:35/mph, 132 calories, 5K at 45:05!) Weight lifting arms 30 minutes.


  1. Way to go! I love reading your posts! I love reading about how close you are getting to accomplshing your 5K goal! I love reading how you continue to research the best way to accomplish your weight loss goals! You're doing awesome! Keep it up!


  2. Great job on you 5K goal!!!!!

    I read that article last night too! I think Ill go w/ my body weight X 10 and not add in my activity calories because I dont want to undo the good the exercise is doing me by just eating those calories back up.

  3. Good job on that treadmill!
    See how much better you have gotten...

    Great info from your shape magazine.

    I do not eat the best snacks, but I try, I like Quaker rice cakes the mini ones, that are flavored, like carmel corn, or I just got the chocolate ones, I am a really big fan of cookies so that is my downfall, I have tried to switch to graham crackers so it seems like a cookie, and then there is skinny cow ice creams they are great w/o a lot of calories and popsicles are great too they are very refreshing!

    Talk to u later on!


  4. Interesting. You weren't far off when you wanted to up the calories! :o) I think it's odd to go off a goal weight, though. Since I thought your original calories were too low, may I also say that your goal weight might be too low? And we can still be friends? ;o)

    Cheering for you, Stephanie.

  5. Thanks Lindsey, Maria and Joyce! Also thanks for the snack suggestions Joyce. :)

    Chrissy-Of course we can still be friends! :) Yes, it is pretty close to the doubling of my first calorie intake. I'm glad you spoke up.
    About my goal weight...I chose it because, first, I remember weighing that at one time. And secondly it is within the "healthy" range for my build (medium) on most charts. Here is an example.
    As I lose weight though, if I get to a point where I'm feeling healthy and looking good I won't keep losing JUST to get to that weight. I just put it as a "goal." I would like to be within the healthy range for my height and have a good BMI.
    I'm so glad you are cheering for me. It makes me feel good! :)

  6. I'm only guessing (because we are the same height) that 165 would look amazing on you. I think it would look amazing on me, too. ;o)

  7. 165 sounds awesome. Let's do it! :)

  8. Steph -you never cease to amaze me! Thanks for being an inspiration! :)

  9. I Love this post! I always like seeing my name. ~grins~

    I am eating a lot of fresh fruit, popcorn and nuts for snacks. Loving pistachios cause I have to work at them. That makes me slow down and take time to eat them.