Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got my number

This is totally NOT me, but lets pretend I look like this running. Or look like this period.

Something cool happened at the gym today. At this little town gym, you say your four digit number and the staff checks you in on the computer. When I walked in today the guy working knew my number and said it before I did.  I think I've been going to the gym often enough! :)

My friend, Heidi, who is an awesome runner recommended keeping track of how far I run and adding it up as a motivational tool.  Today I added up and I have walk/jogged...

81.75 miles 

....in the past six weeks.  (27 runs)

Pretty exciting!

I haven't been updating every day lately, because I'm afraid it is just boring to you. But I have been eating well, and exercising. Today I went my farthest distance yet, 3.86 miles, and burned 590 calories. Then I did weight lifting on my legs and some ab work (45 minutes worth).

Calorie wise, I'm at 1790 calories today. Not too bad.

I have a lot to do before we leave on Friday, so we will be so busy for the next few days.

How YOU doin?


  1. Stephanie, YOu are doing awesome!!!!! Im so happy for you :)

  2. Stephanie -this is so great! It's really exciting that the man at the gym remembered your number -maybe you're a motivator at the gym for others around you. :)

  3. Stephanie - Your posts are NOT boring! Keep up the fantastic job - you are a motivation for all of us!