Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm in and I'm out, I'm up and I'm down...

Where is everyone today? Usually Mondays mean a lot of posts, I'm feeling kinda lonely in Win, Lose or Blog land! Anyone out there??

So, my weigh in this week is bad. But also a bit good. Let me explain.

Last weekend we were camping, so I sent in my weight on Saturday (253). When we got back on Monday night I weighed myself and I was up to 257! Seriously!! I'm still a bit baffled by that. I did eat a few s'mores but otherwise ate really well (my husband is baffled too).  Anyhoo, I've worked out and eaten well all week and slowly that number creeped down, until my weigh in yesterday was 253.5.  So while I *show* a weight gain, I did actually lose this week, (let's just forget about that huge gain last weekend, okay? ;) )

So I am frustrated to be back to last weeks weight...really frustrated. All week I willed those down numbers to go down, down, down. Sigh. But I'm going to be fine this week.  It is a crazy busy week at our house and on Friday we leave to drive down to visit my family.  For the rest of Win, Lose or Blog I will be on  vacation!  I'm a teensy bit worried about leaving my gym behind, but feel confident that food wise I will be  good. I am packing my scale. F'real. :O) Although when we FLY to California for the last week I'm not sure if I will be able to pack it. Hmmm.

Hope you had a super great weekend.

Here's to that number going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!



  1. Last week sounds like it was hard for everyone!

    Enjoy your family!

    Lawsy...I admire you...I would never pack my scales!

  2. But Mindy, what if someone else's scale weighs me different? ;0)

  3. Hey Steph! I really like your positive attitude! Don't worry about the numbers (even though we all really like to see them! -mine have only gone up so....) just concentrate on how you're feeling, and I think that you're already doing that!
    Scales worry me -I've ALWAYS got to weigh on the same scale for fear that my numbers will be different and thus derail all of my efforts.

  4. have a well deserved blast on vacation!!!! And congrats on the loss-a loss if a loss!

  5. Hey I missed this post...oops

    Does not sound like the weight was bad over all when it came down to it.

    You are doing good Steph