Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting in shape??!? Could it be?

Something CrAzy happened at the gym this afternoon!  The treadmills I work out on have a heart rate monitor on the handlebars.  There is a target heart range posted on the machine that I've try to keep my heart rate at, and it usually isn't too much of a problem...until today.

I started off with my usual 5 minute warm up and tested my heart rate to make sure it was at the low end of the zone. Nope, way too low. "Strange," I thought and started doing  my interval jogging.  Right before I run and right after I test my heart rate (I don't like keeping my hands on the monitor the whole time) and my heart rate was much lower than it has been in the past.  Usually I have to slow myself down after a few jogging intervals because my heart rate is out of the target zone, but not today! I had to speed myself up a few times to stay on target.  Am I getting more in shape? Is that what could be going on? I hope so!  My body has gotten nearly 3 weeks of consistent exercise, so maybe!

Here are my results of the day:
1761 calories (Costco chicken bake did me in!)
54 minutes on the treadmill (494 calories, 3.33 miles, 3.7 pace, 16:12, 135 av. heart rate)

My sister and her family are coming into town for a few days tomorrow. So I will be busy cleaning and getting ready for some fun guests. Have a great weekend!


  1. Stephanie, that is what it means, I had a stationary bike and it had the heart rate built in it and when I was using it consistently I noticed the heart rate was lower, so that does mean that YOU are getting in better shape...what a wonderful thing that is!
    This is not just about losing weight, the the fact that you are getting healthy is so terrific!

    Have a nice weekend with family...

    Love Joyce

  2. Nice work, you are doing awesome and I'm proud of how consistent you have been! :) xoxo

  3. Good for you! Isn't it so cool to start seeing results other than the scale!

    Have a great weekend!