Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gym Rat

Today we started something new. My kids started evening swim lessons. This is normally when I go to the gym and my husband plays with the kids while I'm gone. When I offered the suggestion of having then go to swimming lessons they were excited to have something cool to do in the super hot summer evenings.  John suggested that they drop me off and pick me up from the gym which sounded great until I realized that would mean I was going to spend 2 HOURS at the gym. TWO HOURS PEOPLE.  I usually do a teensy bit over an hour so I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of doubling that. At the same time, I've been wanting to spend more time lifting weights and this set up means I am forced to exercise longer. So I went for it.

I upped my treadmill jog/walk to 55 minutes (plus a 5 minute cool down).  Then I jumped on an elliptical machine with the plan of doing 30 minutes but only lasted 100 calories worth (about 9 minutes). It was the machine I didn't like. After that I did 30 minutes of weights working on my legs, and 15 minutes of ab work. Then my happy kids and cooled off husband came to pick me up. It was great! I burned 626 calories (not counting the weight lifting) and felt wonderful afterwards.

So for the next two weeks I will be a gym rat. We'll see how doubling my exercise time affects my weight loss.

Here are my results for the day:
Eating: 1860 calories
Exercise: 60 minutes on the treadmill (518 calories, 3.65 miles, 16:24 pace 132 hr). Elliptical (.64 miles, 108 calories) 30 minutes weight lifting legs, 15 minutes ab work.

How was your day?


  1. wow you are going to be a gym rat :) Great calorie burn today! And Im glad you will be getting strength training in, it will def help your weightloss goals :)

  2. That is awesome! You've got a great system worked out!

  3. That sounds wonderful Stephanie, its a win win, Dad spends time with the kids and you get more ME time, its seems good!