Friday, June 25, 2010

Valleys and Peaks

Since I told you how much I weigh (humiliating) and have blogged about other crappy things, you won't hate me if I brag for a minute, will you? Because today was really, really good.  Why was it good? Let me tell you!

It was the last day of the first session of swimming lessons for my kids. My super brave 5 year old son went off the high diving board, which scared me to death but made me really proud and made him really happy for himself. My daughter took a nap (which she hasn't in a while)  and was much happier the rest of the afternoon (bonus!). My husband got to come home from work early and I've been missing him lately.  And we had some guest over for dinner. Normally I am a little crazy getting the house ready but it was pretty clean so I decided to try a new recipe.

I went to one of my favorite recipe websites, and found this delish looking recipe (Chili-lime mango chicken skewers) which I had all of the ingredients for (woohoo! No trip to the store!). I also made the cilantro rice they mention on the website, garlic bread, zucchini sauteed in garlic and olive oil and brownies (my fav!) for dessert.  The chicken is SO yummy, seriously, you have to try the recipe! I didn't eat the rice, garlic bread or brownies, but my husband, kids and our guests liked them so they must have been all right.  What was exciting for me was that I ate just the healthy part and didn't feel deprived! My tummy was full and I was quite all right (unlike yesterday) with eating what I ate.

I plugged the chicken skewer recipe into an awesome free iPhone/iPod app called "Lose It" and it calculated that there are approximately 253 calories in each serving. Not too bad, eh?

Then after dinner and clean-up, I thought, "Time for the gym!" without feeling dread. I was looking forward to it! Wow! Even though I worked out within 45 minutes of eating dinner, my workout went great. I did lots of jogging and it felt good.  See what a wonderful day I had? From a valley to a peak. I'll have to try and remember today the next time I'm having a down day.

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement about my day yesterday, I am loving Win, Lose or Blog and am so grateful I was chosen for this round.

Here are my results for Day 5. 

Eating: 1194 calories
     Treadmill: 47:36 minutes (438 calories, 2.87 miles, 3.62 mph 16:34 pace 145 heart rate)
     Weights: 20 minutes, free weights and circuit weights for arms. (I haven't done legs yet because my knee and achilles tendon are not great right now)


  1. You go girl! What an awesome day! I am so happy that you were full and had a great work out!

  2. Go you! for go days! and those skewers looks so yummy!

  3. Now that was a great day from what I can see!

    Go Stephanie!


  4. I am going to have to try that looks so good!

    What a great day....good for you!

  5. Awesome Steph. Glad it was a much better day :)

  6. How did you decide to eat that amount of calories?

  7. Thanks everyone!
    Chrissy- Since I have so much weight to lose, I went with the lowest possible number of calories that is recommended for losing weight. So far 1200 calories is what I'm shooting for, it hasn't been too hard to keep it around there.
    LindseyLu talks about it in her post here
    Once I get down to my ideal weight I will eat closer to 1500 calories a day. :) I hope that helps!

  8. thank you for the recipe, that looks wonderful!!!!